Frequently Asked Questions

Do we do kid's and baby's wear?

We certainly do kid’s and baby's clothing manufacturing as well.  The core of our business is that we are fashion apparel manufacturer, and we do have excellent resources for outerwear, shorts, trousers and jackets for kid's and baby's. Please contact us for more information about our kid’s and baby's wear.

Do we do workwear & uniform?

We certainly do workwear and uniform manufacturing as well. The beginning of our factory are processing workwear and uniform for Chinese government and school. After we engaged in OEM service, we mainly process workwear for Japan Customers. So we have full experience in workwear and uniform processing.

Could you process knitwear and sweater?

No, we only process woven fabric garments.

Delivery Time

Different types of garments made of different fabrics have different delivery times. If a fabric is easily available, sampling approval is fast, and the factory isn’t too busy shipment can be ready in 60 days. Unfortunately most fabrics these days do tend to have a longer delivery time and factories can get quite busy. Generally speaking in China it’s safest to prepare for a 75-90 days delivery time for fashion apparel manufacturing. Our delivery policy is that we do guarantee all customers on-time delivery.

Minimum Ordering Quantity (MOQ)

Our MOQ is 300 pcs. We have a small line to process high quality small quantity orders.

Sampling(How long can I get samples?)

It takes about 3-10 days according to designs and fabrics. Quick sampling is our biggest advantage.we have professional sampling technical person who have more than 20 years working experience in apparel industry. and we have fabric purchasing staff who have more than 10 years experience in fabric industry. so we can support quick lead time sampling.

Do you have your own factory?

Yes, We have our own factory, our own factory are located in Liaoyang, Liaoning, and we established trading office in Dalian, Liaoning, which is the most famous area outerwear production in Northeast China. Good at Down Jacket and Ski Jacket Processing.

Do you accept which kind of payment terms?

We can accept any payment terms. But most of our customer are using L/C. If new customer payment terms are risking. We will check customer's credit first.